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    My name is Summer and I'm a Texas gal living in Austin with my little family of three. My hobbies include thinking up excuses to eat an absurd amount of dessert foods and owning many more scarves than is necessary for someone in a warm climate. When I'm not doing those things I'm usually learning the ins and outs of hot wheels with my sweet little boy or trying new coffee places with my man. And when I'm not doing THOSE things...I'm getting to know senior girls and planning custom portrait sessions designed just for them.

    I feel truly thankful and humbled that I get to participate in such a special time in their lives, and I pray that through my work I can love my clients and their families well. I love forming long term relationships with my "girls", and I treasure the friendships that have developed with some really special people!

    When you're ready to get started on the process, contact me to book your session! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Austin Westlake Senior Photos | Christina R.

Austin, Texas graduated senior Christina is one of the most delightful people I’ve ever met.  She’s so genuine, so talented and so gracious.  I’m so glad I was able to get to know her during her senior year at Westlake High School!  On top of that, she’s a beautiful dancer, and so we were able to capture some of that grace and spirit during her senior portrait session in downtown Austin.  Thanks again Christina for choosing me as your senior photographer!


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Guest Post | Westlake graduate Marthann talks senior year and the first week of college

I had the privilege of getting to know Marthann when I did her senior portraits this past year, and I asked her to share a bit about what it’s like transitioning from high school senior to college freshman.  She has an incredible heart and the gift of encouragement and I’m pleased to be able to pass along her wise words :).  Enjoy!
Year 1
Never in my life have I experienced so many conflicting emotions as I did the day my parents dropped me off at Texas Christian University. The Truth about the first week of college that nobody really tells you is that it is HARD. I just finished rush week #gotheta and all I can say is that every night was full of hope and joy but at the same time, homesickness and missing my place of being known at Westlake High School. It’s crazy how I was so ready to leave the life I had known for the past 18 years. I remember thinking pretty much every day of senior year how ready I was to get the heck out of that place. And to be fair, I was and I have no wish to be back. I want the seniors to hear something super important though.

Senior year is SPECIAL. I know, I know, everybody says that. I remember having days where I was wishing my senior year away but y’all, this is the last year where you get to be at the top, you are so known, you are so loved.  You have a secured group of best friends that you get to hang out with pretty much whenever you want because let’s be real – senioritis is real, and when second semester hits I can pretty much guarantee your backpack won’t come out of your car. Take advantage of how your mom is downstairs. My mom is my number one best friend and greatest supporter, so why the heck did it take me until this summer to realize that?If I could go back to the first day of my senior year I would tell myself to love every single person that was in my life at that time and to really, really show them that. LOVE your friends. LOVE your parents. LOVE your teachers that assign you ten page papers the last month of senior year, even though you really don’t remember the last time you were asked to do an assignment.

Have fun, enjoy yourself. Go do something stupid. Go to the football game the night before the ACT for at least an hour. Work hard first semester and most importantly, trust that you are going to be placed where you are meant to be placed. College is a different world with new people, new friends. You get to be completely on your own and find yourself. It’s exciting, but it’s scary. So enjoy yourself, make every single moment count because sometime soon you’ll be sitting in your dorm room looking back on all the cute and fun pictures on your wall remembering how special those people are to you. Keep your head up girlies! You can do it, I promise.

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Austin Senior Portraits | Regents Senior Marlena

Marlena was a senior model representing Regents’ High School in Austin for the Class of 2016.  Getting to know her was absolutely one of the highlights of my year.  Her faith and love for God, along with her wonderfully endearing family brought me so much joy and I am so thankful I was able to capture her senior photos.  She is the most beautiful girl, but her inner beauty is even more captivating.  I will miss Marlena as she heads off to TCU this fall, but I am oh so proud to call her my friend!  Here are some of the images from her senior portrait session…


austin regents senior photographer_0001austin regents senior photographer_0002austin regents senior photographer_0003austin regents senior photographer_0004austin regents senior photographer_0005austin regents senior photographer_0006

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Round Rock Texas Senior Portraits | Round Rock Senior Kelsie

Meet Kelsie.  This recently graduated high school senior from Round Rock, Texas is really fun to be around with a smile that lights up her whole face.  She upped the personality factor at her senior portrait session by bringing confetti (and plenty of it!) to blow, toss, and giggle with, and it made for an extra cute series of images.  Kelsie was so easy going and enjoyable during her shoot it made it such a blast to capture a set of photos that reflects her sweet self perfectly.  To book your session, click the Yellow Get in Touch button, or scroll to the bottom of your mobile device and click Contact Me.


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Austin, Texas Senior Portraits | Round Rock High School Senior Janelle

Round Rock senior Janelle recently graduated as a member of the Class of 2016, and her senior portrait session was one of my favorites of the year.  The light, the color, her style and her beautifully expressive face made for an amazing photo shoot.  I loved how she incorporated all different facets of her personality, from soft and sweet to bright and spunky.  We had such a fantastic time creating these images, and I hope you enjoy them too!  When you’re ready to book your session, click the “Get in touch” button to your right, scroll down and click “contact me,” or scroll to the bottom on your mobile device!


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